Friday, July 12, 2013

Quarry, Mark Allen Gunnells

THE COLLEGE...Peaceful and idyllic, bordering picturesque Lake Limestone, known locally as the Quarry. Until DALE awakens an ancient evil lurking deep beneath the waters. Becomes one with it. And EMILIO loses his best friend and wants to know why.

SLAVE's Review:
I'm gonna start this review a little differently than usual by first saying that I gladly give The QUARRY by Mark Allan Gunnells, a review score of 5 1/2 pens! 

Here's a few reasons why.

-With a story line of an ancient life sucking killer thing terrorizing a small college campus I was immediately hooked. The story itself had a nice even flow that didn't waver nor get stagnant.
-Characters, that don't step on each others toes or battling for dominance for the leading role is always welcomed. The ones created in the Quarry, all carried their own weight in keeping the story evenly paced.
-All-in-all, I truly liked this lite horror/romance by Mark Allan Gunnells. This was my second time being exposed to his work. I look forward to a third.

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