Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Double Sacrifice, by Jaxx Steele

The time of deliverance was just a few days away and Prince Kenwei could not recite the ancient words that would bind his twin sister to the lake god. Restless nights robbed his concentration. When the princess explained his dreams were similar to the ones that called the chosen one to the god, he knew she had to be wrong. Kenwei was convinced that there was no way he could be receiving a dream meant for the sister just because he was the prince, but was he right?

SLAVE's Review
Have you ever had a recurring dream that was more pleasurable than you’ve ever experienced while awake? Wishing that your waking world was half as good? Well, this is what you can expect from Jaxx Steele's latest pen book: A Double Sacrifice.
In this tale Jaxx's writing, character development, and story flow is sensuous, exciting and fulfilling at the same time, without skipping a beat.  Now normally, I’m kinda put off when there’s a lot of m/m bedroom detail, but in this short, Jaxx has managed to take a wet dream and turn it into 60pages of stimulation.

This story gets 5 ½ pens and all the refills he needs without hesitation as long as he keeps pumping em out. ;-)

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