Friday, August 24, 2012

The Last Mac Phee, by Dana Litlejohn

Patrick Mac Phee had lost everything: his family, his home, and the love of his life. He was the only one to survive the massacre of his family. During the long wait to avenge them he met Charlene and fell in love. With love in his life again he hesitates to do the duty he has patiently waited over a hundred years to do. Will Charlene be the loophole that will allow him to have love and revenge?

SLAVE’s Review
The Last Mac Phee is an incredible story written by Dana Littlejohn. I read it from beginning to end without pause. The opening, which took place in 1890 Scotland, flowed smoothly into modern day. The way she moved the main character, Patrick, from the distraught youth, to a strong, charismatic adult is flawless. Charlene, our alluring lead woman, is stunning in her simple desire to fulfill a long desired wish that takes her to modern day Scotland, completes the story. 

I thoroughly enjoyed their interaction in this brief tale of brutal deceit, redemption and long awaited true love. Now the story also had two bad guys. One appears in old time Scotland and one in modern day, and they happen to be father and son. That was my only problem with this tale. I would've liked to have gotten to know Ian (he’s our modern day nemeses) just a little more, but that won't deter me from giving The Last Mac Phee 4 well deserved pens. Oh, and did I mention that the love scene was spectacular! I read that part 3times!!  So make that 4 ½ pens.
Keep the great stories coming Dana! I look forward reading more of your work.

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