Friday, December 7, 2012

Angel, by Cyma Rizwann Khan

 It doesn’t matter what his name used to be. Now he is just “Angel”.

Destined to spend his life in captivity, 22-year old Angel secretly dreams of murdering his tormentors, especially Ty – the arrogant stranger who holds his reins – literally.

Ty, who has consistently pushed his conscience so far back he thought it would never resurface. Enter Angel – subdued, unhappy and downright stubborn – and Ty begins to unravel in the strangest fashion.Why does he feel for Angel something he never thought he would feel?

If you play a role for too long does it ever become you or is there is a chance your old soul will come back and claim the body?

Angel is a story about finding love in the darkest possible places. It is a journey into the hearts of people who find themselves captivated by the charms of love and seduction. It will make you sad, it will make you laugh, and sometimes it may even make you cry – a lot like true love.

SLAVE's Review
Let me just come out and say that ANGEL, by Cyma Rizwann Khan, was an excellent read! The main characters, Angel and Ty: top notch, truly alive and both very compassionate about what they want...even when it wasn't in the others best interest.
The story line is a wonderfully told dark tragedy. Angel is one of those stories that actually can and probably has happened, so the realism and emotional flow that Khan delivers is simply marvelous. Angel falls hopelessly trapped in his love for Ty. I felt an extreme attachment to this story and loved every page.
5 ½ pens plus refills

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