Thursday, July 5, 2012

26 Nights, A sexual Adventure

Steven Walling was challenged to make love to twenty-six women across the alphabet, from 'Abigail' to 'Zelda.' Our hero beds divas, debutantes, playgirls, politicians, evangelists and entrepreneurs, throughout the boudoirs, boardrooms, and bedrooms of a great American city. Win or lose, it will be a romp between the letters--and the sheets--that spells nothing but pleasure. From the pages of Penthouse magazine comes an erotic novel that gives an all-new meaning to the ABCs.

Goddess's Review:
Steven Walling was funny, charming, witty and even a bit conceited, but it didn’t take away from his appeal. Ms. Greenglass was great as well. While she knew women of all backgrounds, ages, class and races fell victim to his will, Ms. Greenglass held her own against his charms sparring with him verbally keeping him at bay. This, of course, only made Steven want her more. I found myself cheering for him, wanting him to win his challenge. I loved this book. I laughed out loud at parts and felt bad for Steven when a few situations got out of control for him. I will be reading it again just to laugh at Steven getting caught up. It was my favorite scene.
5 pens

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