Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Asylum, by Mark Allen Gunnells

Curtis, a young college student is dragged to his first gay club by his best friend Jimmy for a night of dancing, drinking and sex…at least until the dead start to rise and attack the club. Trapped inside the Asylum are a small band of survivors, including a drag queen, a male stripper, a Vietnam vet bartender, a pretentious gay couple, and an unstable DJ. Will this motley crew survive the hungry undead rattling the sealed-off doors? Will they survive each other? Will they survive their own personal demons? Asylum recalls George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead–except with more gore and a more current social message.

SLAVE's Review
For me novella are a hit or miss kind of thing because authors have limited space to set the scene, hook their readers and relay a complete tale. Well, Mark Gunnells' ASYLUM hit the ground running. Because of the shortness of the story, I 'll do a simple check list so I don't give away anymore than can be read in the blog.

~Character creation, interaction, and believability?    check
~Believable story plot on any planet?                             check
~Just the right amount of Sexual Tension?                   check
~Story flow with no hiccups or interruptions?             check

~2nd time readability?                                                       check 

~Earning 5 1/2 pens for a GREAT NOVELLA?            check                 

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