Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Secret Cravings Five Hearts anthology

Five romantic, Valentine's Day inspired love stories told by five Secret Cravings Publishing romance authors:

Seth Walker is man-candy – tall dark and handsome – a man of few words.  As the boss and owner of Beaucoup, which grows Louisiana’s famed hot and spicy peppers; Seth doesn’t advertise that he stutters when he speaks. But when he sees the delectable Riley Jacobs being harassed by a local bully, he doesn’t hesitate to voice his displeasure.   
Riley was just about to give up on love.  Even though she had slimmed down, no one in her small town could see her as any different – they still treated her as if she was shy, awkward and overweight.  Tired of being alone, she had made up her mind to quit her job as factory nurse and move away from Egret Island if this Valentine’s Day proved to be as big a disappointment as all of the others in her life had been. 
But when Seth comes to her rescue, he satisfies every craving Riley has ever had.  Seth’s touch is hot – his kisses are spicy – and this Valentine’s Day might prove to be perfect, after all. 
This was a great short story. I liked the characters very much. The build-up to the sex and the actual lovemaking was very stimulating and nicely done. 4pens 
LOST IN THE SEA OF YOU – Cynthia Arsuaga
He found the boat in late afternoon, on a February day as cold and dry as it gets in Maine. That’s how the adventure began for Mikael Larson, ex-Army, relatively new sheriff and unattached man in a small town. Starting uneventfully at home, by the time he walked into the station, the day turned weird on the way to unexplainable and a lifetime of love satisfied in death.
A hauntingly good story. This book was smoothly delivered and kept me engaged until the end. 4pens 

CUPID'S TARGET – Dana Littlejohn
April Harding didn’t like anything about winter and that included Valentine’s Day. She counted it as a stroke of bad luck that it was her turn to accompany her boss to a party for an impromptu meeting with a potential client. The only thing that softened the blow was that he offered to buy the dress she would wear.
Upon her arrival, Grant Murphy spied April in the doorway. He knew at that moment that she had to be his. Can Grant convince April it not only was good luck that she was there but that they even met and should be together? 
A completely enjoyable ride that truly delivers sensual romance with a heavy dose of passion. 4 1/2 pens  
Catrina fell asleep on the couch waiting for her husband to arrive home from work to celebrate a Valentine’s evening together. Awoken from her sleep, two police officers stood at her front door. They sadly informed her that her husband has been killed in a car crash. Getting lost in her pain, she shut out the world until almost five years later, when her new neighbor moved in next door, bringing feelings of longing back into her lonely, quiet existence.
Alex’s wife had left him for another man. He was hurt but realized he’d been partially to blame for the demise of their marriage. He worked long hours and spent less time at home and more time running his growing company. Deciding to overhaul his life, he sold his business and home, and moved to a new area in the city. While in a compromising position, he meets his new neighbor, Catrina, and hasn’t stop thinking about her. She’s everything he’s ever wanted, and if he can win her love and trust, he will do everything in his power to keep it.
The book opened with betrayal and tragedy. The beginning was a little slow, but not stagnant. It rebounded into a very nice read. 4 pens
Becky O'Rourke hates Valentine's Day. From the moment her boyfriend broke her heart the year before, she doesn't want anything to do with the day for lovers. Can the possibility of a new love turn her head and heal her heart?
Seth Reardon feels like an ass. Convinced he's not good enough for Becky, he breaks her heart and tells her they can't see each other anymore. Faced with the fact that she's moved on with her life and is seeing someone new, Seth realizes he loves her more than he did before and wants her back.
With the help of Becky's best friend Emma, Seth comes up with a plan to win the woman of his dreams, but will she turn her back on their love for attraction to a new man?
I think I would have enjoyed this story more if it didn't jump around so much. There was so much information hitting on several genres that I got confused on what the story was truly about. 3 pens
SLAVE's Overall review:
I'd recommend this anthology. The differences in the stories helped make Valentine's Day unique. I look forward to reading other stories from these authors and more anthologies from the publisher.

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