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Goddess Fish Blog tour: Blind Heat, Nara Malone


Allie is determined to build an ordinary life. To survive, she needs to be the sort of woman no one notices. She has a generic job, lives in a generic apartment, and thinks maybe one day she’ll find an ordinary Joe who wants an average Jane sort of woman.

Marcus is anything but an ordinary Joe. Even if humans don’t know he’s a shifter and millennial being, he’s the sort of man women notice. A night of passion spent with Marcus is a night any female, human or Pantherian, won’t forget.

But Allie does forget. She repeatedly fails to recognize him even after an intense sexual encounter. Marcus discovers the source of her problem—face blindness, a genetic disorder with no cure. And he decides to use erotic rituals to teach her to see with more than her eyes. What he doesn’t count on is Allie seeing past the man—and recognizing the beast within.

SLAVE's Review:
Basically this story was a long, drawn out journey about the search for a cat and finding a life mate instead. For me this story really never caught fire. Just when I thought it was going somewhere it fizzed out. I got that the Allie couldn't remember faces, but what bugged me was how she fled at the drop of the hat whenever something went or or changed like she didn't expect.
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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Like the heroine, Allie, in Blind Heat, Nara is face blind and lived with the condition not knowing there was a medical explanation for her inability to remember faces.  It’s a rare and only recently publicized condition.  She hopes Blind Heat will help get the word out about face blindness.
Nara lives on a small farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When she's not writing, she loves to run, hike, bike, and kayak. Every story she tells incorporates her love of animals, nature, and adventure.


Therianverse --blog containing interactive content for her books from two series that include therian shapeshifters –Patherian Passions, and Passions Portal.
Passions Portal-- interactive website for Shadowling Manor , the setting for the multi-author paranormal series.

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The interactive world Nara built for Blind Heat is here--

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