Monday, September 10, 2012

A Day on Plunderer's Pride, by Jaxx Steele

Life is hard but worthwhile on the pirate ship Plunderer’s Pride. Follow Captain Julian Hazard and his band of ruffians as they go about their daily business. As you endure their daily struggles and nightly rewards you may find that a pirate’s life may be for you, too.

SLAVE’s Review
This story is short but it takes you on a big journey of what life could've been like on an actual pirate ship. We join our heroes as they're taken a little time off from plundering other folks ships at an aptly named place called the Drunken Dog Tavern. Indulgences and decadence are the norm at this place. I’d like to visit there one day. Here the captain’s first mate, Nigel, is given an urgent request for his captain, Julian Hazard.
From there this story takes off on the high seas of love, lust, passion and adventure as they capture another ship along the way. This story brings a whole new meaning to shiver me timbers. LOL The great thing about Plunderer’s Pride is all takes place in a single day. What I liked most about this story was its stunning eye for detail. It wasn't the tired listening to the calm waves of most sea stories.  So, grab your cutlass, your eye patch, some scented oils for the captain and set sail with this marvelous tale aboard Plunderer's Pride which I give 4 pens.

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