Monday, June 11, 2012

And then there was Anthony, by Jaxx Steele

After the death of his lover, Luke Finley took dating off his list of things to do. After meeting Anthony Dixon he found it difficult to keep the handsome man safely on the friend list. Will Luke let the ghosts from his past prevent him from having love in his future?

SLAVE's Review
This was a moving, sometimes funny and well written story. I enjoyed it very much. The book is from Luke’s point of view. You walk with him to see how he moves forward after the death of his long time lover, Sean. Anthony was sincere about being Luke’s friend, but up front about wanting to be more. He left the pace up to Luke, but when Anthony saw Luke giving in to his subtle seduction he turned the heat up just enough to make Luke walk into his arms willingly.  Well done, Jaxx!
4 ½ pens

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