Monday, October 15, 2012

Home with The Joneses, by Dana Littlejohn

After a stressful day at work in the world’s most aggravating city, all Reyna Jones could think about was getting home to her darling husband to unwind, but he was not there when she arrived. That was a problem.

SLAVE's Review:

 WOW. What can I say about this short intricately SEXXY story. I didn't know what to expect from the blurb, but I fully enjoyed the story when I read it and the tenacity of our leading lady Reyna. When it became obvious that she was actually Mistress Reyna, I was enthralled and immediately inserted myself into Marc’s, her husband’s, place in the story. To me this book was gave us a peek inside the life of a loving couple who found a unique and caring way to keep the sparks alive in their marriage. Maybe I can hint a little something like this to my GODDESS, and see what she'll grant me.  Ooh and as far as my review goes I give it the full 5 ½ pens plus refills.

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