Monday, June 11, 2012

Freed from Fear, by Jaxx Steele

Leaving New York was the hardest thing Dana Scott had to do. 911 had taken the love of his life. Although the pain had eased over time he decided to remain single.
Francisco de la Fuenta was a charming, charismatic, social butterfly that men and women loved to be around. ‘Frank’ had everything a man of his caliber could want: his own business, a great social life, and true friends. What he didn’t have, he didn’t know he needed until Dana Scott came into his life.

SLAVE's Review
I really enjoyed this book! Frank's best friend Reggie hooked him up with Dana because he saw something in Dana that Frank might like. He was right. Frank liked Dana on the on start and pursued him vigorously. Dana was caught in his seductive web. When their relationship goes to another level sexually, Dana found himself overwhelmed with all that Frank could be to him. With the thought that it was too good to be true he panicked and bolted. Frank and Dana get back together, it is a romance after all, but the drama they have to endure before that happens makes this book great.
Without going into too much spoiler detail I will try to break it down for you. Frank chased Dana and caught him. The situation opened his heart and Dana’s too and touched a spot inside him that completely freaked Dana out. Frank was devastated when he left. Finally he found Dana and demanded answers. They hashed out the differences and, determined to make it work, they live happily ever after. This book was a hellava ride and I enjoyed every minute of it! Also, I feel this is worth mentioning. The sex was unapologetic, in your face, hot, get down and dirty, feel good, exhausted at the end type sex…just the way I like it. Making love to one’s partner is enjoyable and beautiful, but straight up hot and heavy— hmm, I can’t seem to find a politically correct word for what fits here—let’s just say the f-ing— has its place in the bedroom as well. This book had both.
5 pens…with refills!

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