Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Marked for Life, by Jaxx Steele

Victor Bradley was raised by a tree sprite after the death of his parents. When he became an adult he moved to the city, but the pull of the forest never left his heart. He took a leave of absence to take care of the only mother he ever knew, but was it his concern for her that brought him back to the forest or was it fate?

SLAVE’s Review
Marked for Life by Jaxx Steele was a truly entertaining short story. I enjoyed the creation/build up of the tension between the hero and foe that lasted for many, many years. The change from fantasy (shifters and fairies) to a more realistic view was done incredibly. To start, I loved Raymond, our 'misunderstood’ nemesis. When he demolished a husband and wife, in wolf form, reverted to human form and reveled in it...I was hooked.

Jaxx, did what he intended to do, provide us with an entertaining story with a beginning, middle and end, but I feel that on this one he just 'broad stroked it'. That is not a bad thing in foreplay or a quickie, yet I just wanted/needed and expected more.
However, the story for itself had an easy flow and was an exciting tale of not just love, but retribution, honor and soul mates which is truly a beautiful thing once realized. So I rate this with 3 ½ pens. But I must say this, if Jaxx ever finds the time I would love to see what happens after the story ends with these characters.

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