Monday, June 11, 2012

Cam's Best Friend, Jaxx Steele

Reynaud Leduc is a Creolyte and endowed with the magical ability to heal anyone. His lover Angele is killed and he is held responsible. As punishment, he was mostly stripped of his magical abilities and shape shifted into an animal form until someone loves him enough to trust him.
Cameron Gamble's café is finally ready to open for business and he can't wait. He has seen a large dog hanging around the building for a while. The dog, Cameron names Mel, seems very smart, gentle and loving so Cameron invites him to live with him. A bond forms between Cameron and Mel that is more than just between a pet and his owner. Will he be enough for Cameron to get over his troubled past?

SLAVE's Review
This is a great read. Lots of emotion. I felt the anguish, the anger, the love, even the sex was emotional. I enjoyed learning about the Creolyte people and how they came into being. The Creolyte people were originally regular humans and they evolved where their magical abilities are part of them, but they still retain many human qualities that could create problems if they use their abilities against others. It all seemed plausible.  There were a few questions left unanswered, however, but I look forward to seeing if the author will do a sequel to answer those questions.

4 1/2 pens

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