Saturday, September 8, 2012

Part of the Posse, by Jaxx Steele

Les Browning traveled with his trusted group of men for years. As the company made a cattle run from Texas to Kansas Les met Colt, a young cook looking to find his way in the world. They hit it off immediately, but Les couldn’t get too close to Colt until the men in his party gave the okay for Colt to travel with them. Can Colt ultimately prove himself worthy to be a part of their clique so that he and Les could be together?

SLAVE's Review
 Though coming in at a little less than what I've come to expect from Jaxx Steele, Part of the Posse was still a pretty good read. We follow Colt as he tries to fit in a closed group of cattle riders while trying to figure out if what he felt for the leader of the posse was real or just the result of a one night stand.  I give this one 3 pens

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