Friday, December 14, 2012

The god's Silver Connection, by Dana Littlejohn

Loki has stolen an amulet from Tyr, the god of war. Odin has sent Thor to Midgard to retrieve his brother and bring him back for punishment. In Midgard Loki finds himself in the mind of Lord Tyrone Barrington. Dr. Keith Hammer is owner of Hammer Inc. a small, but profitable lab. He was chosen to be the host for Thor while he is in Midgard.
The humans are caught between the fight of good and evil between the gods and the gods are along the ride while the humans fight for the formula that will make their companies grow.
Who will come out on top when all the fighting is done?
available at Red Rose Publishing

SLAVE's Review
The Gods Silver Connection, by Dana Littlejohn is an excellent story. After reading several of her books now, I could tell that this was one of her earlier books. Though the writing style and familiar flow are apparent in this earlier read, this story lacks the maturity that shows in her more current books. But don't let that interfere with your enjoyment of this story! The character interaction and story flow is delightfully smooth with no unnecessary speed bumps, lulls or hiccups to interrupt your immersion into this romantic adventure. You will love the way she mingles the fantasy of the Norse gods with modern day. I gladly give this story 5 ½ pens plus refills

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