Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blaze's Black Widow's:Angel, by Dana Littlejohn

Angel spent the last two years Indianapolis enjoying a new life with a good job and a great guy. One text message from Blaze could end everything she had built up. Should she turn down a chance to get back at the man who has caused her nightmares for the last five years?

SLAVE's Review
To Dana Littlejohn's Black Widow series, book I entitled ANGEL, I have to say that this was a great little short story. Short, but sweet, getting right to the point. Though, not the type of story I would associate with Ms. Littlejohn having read several of her books before, it certainly shows that her writing isn't limited to one particular style or genre.
I fully enjoyed both her realistic characters and the smooth flow of the story. Since this is book I there was mention of other Black Widows. I look forward to meeting them, but for Angel, I gladly give it 5 ½ pens

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